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LIVE has a commitment to provide our private and government Partners with skilled experts to fulfill all of their service specific needs. Our goal is to embrace a customer-centric culture with transparency, responsiveness and total compliancy coupled with world class techniques. We LIVE with one desire, to support the missions of all of our Partners and as a partnering company, to provide great services and have a positive impact on the community. 


LIVE, LLC is a Georgia based government services company that offers skilled professionals in the areas of Information Technology, Program Administration and Education and Training Services. We offer a diversified set of solution practices in Service Support, Administrative Support, Financial & Logistics Support, and Soldier and Family Services. Founded in 2017 and located in Atlanta, Georgia, LIVE, LLC is focused to be a Technology Solutions, Administrative and Program Management provider. Our goal is to be an industry leader in the delivery of these diverse business services, enabled by our experienced and proficient management team. 

Crystal Fleming | CEO


Crystal Fleming, LIVE’s CEO,  holds a B.S degree in Political Science, an M.S. degree in Criminal Justice from Georgia State University and is ABD in Public Policy Administration at Walden University.    Ms. Fleming is a former law enforcement officer with the City of Atlanta Police Department and the former Chairman of the Department of Criminal Justice at Westwood College, in North Atlanta. As a law enforcement officer, college department chair and corporate executive Crystal Fleming has maintained a standard of excellence which is driven by a passion for her work and the success of her team in every endeavor she undertakes. 

Ms. Fleming has relished working in the government contracting services where her superiors immediately recognized her ability.  She rose through the ranks quickly and she is particularly driven by her goal of increasing the return on any investment. She believes that in government contracting services can be achieved through excellent customer service, which includes communicating effectively with each customer and her own company staff.  She seeks always to achieve mutual satisfaction for all parties, by using her excellent communication and leadership skills. 

Crystal Fleming has successfully managed various operations supporting a diverse Government client base. She has extensive business experience developed through her utilization of strong working relationships with both government and industry leaders, as well as with internal organization executives.  She demands excellence from herself and those she works with.



  • Education and Training Support
  • Program Management / Administration Support
  • Administrative Support
  • Service Support
  • Soldier and Family Services

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Equal Opportunity Employer

LIVE does not discriminate against any person or persons in employment or refuse to continue the employment of any person or persons, because of such person’s or persons’ race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, familial status or sexual orientation.

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